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Thread: Going out of business

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    Default Going out of business

    Is it true the rumors I've heard that NOF is going out of business? I hope not this is a great program even with all its bugs.

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    Where are you hearing these rumors? Articles or blogs online? Around the water cooler at work? Bitter former users posting things here?

    I haven't seen or heard anything that would qualify as more than speculation. Every couple of years folks start talking about how NO is defunct, they are just trying to sell as much old product as they can to cash in before closing shop, etc. Every time a new version of NOF appears out of the "ashes".

    They are quite a bit behind on their typical release schedule. Maybe that is because the next version is a significant paradigm shift and not just an "upgrade". I.E. Responsive design. Maybe we don't see much from them here because they are all heads down coding like maniacs to prepare the next upgrade. And maybe this time, they really are kaput. Maybe they can't get responsive design to work and they've given up on Fusion. Maybe they've all moved to Brazil and are sitting around drinking mojitos, toasting all the suckers that still hang out here.

    All speculation. No one knows.
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