for years --- I just made a master layout with a large region
and just copied this page as a template for each page
but made a new site last nite at 0300
and FORGET to do this trick
did not want to remake every page - as they were complex
(hand coded photo and video galleries)
scoured this forum and the net - found dozens of conflicting solutions
so - as the 'geek' that I am
I sought my own solution
first attempt - failed == by just making the bottom border = 300
well -- even though I have the standard copyright text box there
Chrome - realized there was not data below the text box
and cropped the page / ergo NO SCROLL BAR on the shorter pages
hmmm .....
and idea -- that worked :P
I added few dozen returns at end of copyright text
FORCING the tet box to be TALL
ta dah == forced the scroll bar on ALL pages