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Thread: how to make a video carousel - -??

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    ah .... to stop showing recommended on videos I post -- yes -- that will work /// thought I could turn off then for videos I watched also

    other news// i had what I thought was a great idea -- I uploadd my videos to youtube to let them encode

    then I DL them and added to my player - should have been perfect .. but still snagged
    so I kept testing -- and finally got my player to work
    512x288 at 450kbits/sec // and I made the playback resolution match the screen size
    works good enough for now

    with your uncheck the box guide -- I will make all better vids again -- and lift to youtube and then embedd


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    Quote Originally Posted by gprit View Post
    I see these are flash (.swf) videos?? DO note that Flash is being discontinued and websites should no longer be using these.
    Ah...apologies...I looked no further in the path than vdbplayer.swf !!!

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