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Thread: http to htps

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    https is more secured and hence comes ahead in web searches. You should try for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Medhurst View Post
    I am having problems with https as well (having paid my ISP for a secure certificate !)..
    Where do I find the .htaccess file ? Or do I have to create one ?
    is your ISP windows based or unix/linux based

    I can't help with windows

    with unix, you login to cpanel and go to redirects, then set to redirect your url to https... with and without www and tick the wildcard. This will create the htaccess

    you can also open notepad and enter the redirect text that I mentioned earlier and then save as .htaccess and upload with filezilla to the public_html folder (dot htaccess, the dot is important)

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    I also found out in the sources I have read (like Thawte), that with static websites (like I produce), where no personal information, passwords etc. are collected, I don't need SSL and https yet and in the near future. vidmate insta save
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