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    Good Day,

    Some really strange happened the other day and I can't seem to figure it out. I updated a portion of my site (tried anchoring text to a pic on another page, didn't quite work the way I wanted it to, but that's another issue) Anyway, so I reloaded my html pages that were changed and the photo I tried anchoring to disappeared. The alt text is the only thing I see on the page now...uploaded a new photo (one that was already on the same page and still nothing but alt text, loaded yet another photo (this time one that was already on another page) and that one showed. I thought it was a directory/folder issue but I don't think it is. Wondering if photos can get corrupted? or maybe the html page? It baffles me. Site page is below, first pic missing...

    Any suggestions would be awesome, thanks!

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    And to clarify, my local publish is fine, nothing wrong with it has to be something with the server.

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    Have you tried uploading the Local Publish to the server and if so, does that work ok? I've always published from Local Publish rather than the inbuilt ftp facility in NoF. That way I can check everthing is working ok before making it live.

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