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    Hey all,

    Sorry for posting a lot lately. Updating and wanting new stuff. Is it possible to fade my roll overs? right now it's a sudden change from a 70 percent darker image to total clarity. Can I have it gradually change? I assume it's a script, but I don't know how to write script. Thanks in advance.

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    The only way you'll achieve this is with a third part application, preferably a CSS menu app. You can create this outside Fusion and then place it with Ctrl-T in your master border(s).

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    It is always difficult to answer a question such as "how can I make this look like that" when you do not provide examples of this or that.

    Post some URLs. One of your existing display (i.e. your domain) and another URL showing what you want to see (i.e. a domain that does what you want).

    I'll add my guess.

    Guess #1: Your secondary buttons have a different style applied to them on the advanced properties palette.

    Guess #2: You have edited the primary buttons on your style but not your rollover states

    Fewer guesses and more answers forthcoming once you show us what you are seeing and what you want changed about it.
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