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Thread: New NOF Responsive software

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    Angry New NOF Responsive software

    it's been 2 years since the behind the times NOF 15 non-responsive software came out. When is NetObjects going to come out with new Responsive software. It's LONG 0VERDUE! Do they not have developers capable of making responsive software.
    Google hasn't recognized unresponsive websites for since April 1, 2015.

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    very funny - it's nearly 3 years ago (January 2015) - and (I guess) nobody believes in a new NOF version anymore

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    It's not looking likely - but then you can always fool Google by inserting a bit of code in the header.
    Also, as I ahve said before, it is perfectly possible to build a smartphone website with NOF - in fact my opinion is that it is PREFERABLE to build a dedicated smartphone version, rather than one generated with breakpoints etc. You look at many websites these days and they all look pretty much the same - no individuality. The scroll down the page with screen wide pictures and large writing? why? because they are geared to be cut down for smartphones.

    I prefer to know the client and the target a retirement home customer is not likely to have people looking on smartphones.....a live music venue IS. SO I give a choice with different costs.

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