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    Quote Originally Posted by franko View Post
    Foundation framer, Bootstrap builder and Responsive Site Designer all have similar interfaces to one another. RSD gives you a choice of the foundation, bootstrap and its own frameworks to choose from. Foundation is a mobile-first framework created by zurb. Bootstrap is a desktop-first framework developed by, I believe, Twitter. The difference is simply whether you choose to create your mobile version first and then your larger versions, or your desktop version first and then your mobile versions. None of them resemble Netobjects Fusion. Nothing does.
    Thanks Frank!
    Coffee Cup's HTML Editor for $29?
    Can I write my text, add a few .png images and insert a web form?

    I want a software that does ONE website that fits mobile and desktops.
    I shall never waste time to make a website for mobile users AND another website with the same content and purpose for desktop users.

    Again, I can download it to judge for myself but today I want to hear how somebody can spend a little to gain a lot in the shortest possible time.
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