... that all of us are in Alcatraz jail island sentenced to different terms starting with the date when everyone of us purchased NOF.
We made websites for customers, for ourselves, not to mention NOF support portals.
It's quiet in Alcatraz. All of us work busily on designing new websites or improve the old ones we have made.
It's quiet.
Too quiet for what we have been accustomed so far.
It becomes obvious that the jail management and wardens left the island without noise and the shift stopped coming, there simply is nobody to tend to us like before.
Locked in our cells, we shout for anybody who is still on the compound to come and open the doors.
We need to take a shower, not to mention we need new striped clothes and wash the dirty ones.
Nobody answers to our loud noises. Indeed, the jail management, all staff and wardens are gone without a word exactly at a time when we needed one the most.
Who is going to break the door at his cell and help the others come out? Who is the leader for this episode? How can we too leave this island jail?

We may have served our sentences already without knowing. It's time to do smtg to get out of here.
We all will go separate ways, no doubt, but now we must try to break the doors since there is absolutely nobody to open them for us.
It seems we have to escape now that nobody from the jail hierarchy is trying to stop us

What do you say: do we leave this place of pain, NOF Alcatraz, to go to other shores and start all over to make new websites with other WYSIWYG software packages?
Will we repeat past mistakes or just make new ones?