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Thread: Need suggestions Mosaic Help - want to hire

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    Default Need suggestions Mosaic Help - want to hire

    Been a Fusion user since its inception. Have 2015 - using for 3 sites I maintain for our company. Everything fine until Adwords changed for Mobile. Looking at Mosaic. Saw some post from John - GotHosting - tried to contact, would not let me 'submit'.
    I need to hire someone savvy, patient - that can guide me through this. I learned Fusion by the seat of my pants more than 20 years ago but know just enough to make it work until now. I don't know code and barely know all the lingo.
    Can I get some suggestions, leads, emails or phone numbers through this forum so I can reach out and find someone to help me?
    Connie - Texas

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    You have some serious work to do: learn NOF!
    Read my recommendations in my signature please.
    John - I am born to tease, not to please.
    For NOF beginners: read everything here and practice on mock web sites first.
    Before asking a question, search to see if it has not been asked and answered already.

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    There have been plenty of discussions re this on the board. The only alternative to using responsive software is to build a mobile version of your site at around 360 - 420 pixels wide, and also a desktop version at say 1280 px wide (and as many in between versions for tablets as you wish although this isn't really necessary any more unless you're a perfectionist). You can then run a script in the document root to read the viewport of the visiting device and serve the appropriate version.

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