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    I have a website that was loaded by NOF15 last year. My computer crashed and I had to get a new version of the NOF15 and I also lost the copy of the website that was kept in the NOF15 program. So how do I go to the online website and load it back in to the NOF program so I can continue to update and work with it?

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    I think you are out of luck. If you are referring to the published web site when you say "it" then you can download it back to your computer by using a client ftp program like filezilla client. You would need to get the parameters of the server from your web host.

    But the published web site can not be turned back into the pre-published NOF file that NOF uses to create the software. If you did not backup and archive the backup folder that NOF makes and uses in your My Documents folder, it's gone forever. You would have to make the website over again.

    This happens all the time to computer users who don't invest in a backup drive with backup software to save their important non replaceable stuff on their hard drive. It's almost inevitable that a hard drive will fail eventually if it is used beyond it's mean time before failure which is about 3 to 5 years. But hard drives like any else, can fail at any time, even an hour after you buy it.
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    Just a little addition. The backup folder that NOF creates (.nof) are NOT true backups eg they do not preserve images.
    You need to EXPORT the website (while in strtucture view) and create a .zip file that CAN be loaded to a future computer rebuild.
    In fact you should do this at the end of every logical unit of work.

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