I successfully connect to my Host Mysql 5.x, no issues. I am publishing with PHP suffix on pages and use dynamic lists of mysql data .... All good. ...

But, what keeps happening is when I add a DB connector to a page, it comes up with DEFAULT as connection which I don't use and then select the good Custom String connection all good... Then the Problem, when I click Databases and click MYSQL that I had defined, it's GONE? and the page has IMPORT connection checked? I have never been able to get that to work, would be great ... So, I manually add my tables and record sets ... Use them on a page design go back to SITE tab and reselect any page for design with a connector and all gone, the BOX is checked for IMPORT again???? I uncheck and have to RE-ADD all my tables and record sets again and again ???

So, I would first like for the IMPORT connections box to stay unchecked at minimum.... Would really like to import database schema if someone knows how I can get working?

Thanks for any help .... M.