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Thread: Setting Preview Browser To MS Edge

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    Default Setting Preview Browser To MS Edge

    I normally have my preview browser set to Firefox but every time Firefox is updated (and it happens often) NOF reverts to Internet Explorer. I thought perhaps Edge would be retained better than Firefox but it does not appear in the options and setting it up manually (using the link "C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8we kyb3d8bbwe\MicrosoftEdge.exe") doesn't work. Does anyone know how to add Edge as the browser or how to prevent NOF dropping Firefox after every Firefox update?

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    Fusion 2015 was out before MS Edge and therefore doesn't know of its existence. If you can't set it manually then I'm afraid you're probably out of luck. I'd question why you'd want Edge anyway. Have you checked your site stats to see which browsers your users are actually using? It's usually better to use the most popular browsers for preview as it's really about what your users' preferences rather than your's. In my case, Chrome is by far the most popular browser, followed by Firefox and Safari. Edge is way behind even Internet Explorer.

    As a developer I use Chrome as my main development browser for a number of reasons; it's fast, it has good developer tools and plugins and it's (for my users anyway) the most popular browser.

    If you really want to test with Edge, then I'd suggest doing a Local Publish and opening that in the browser. (Actually, this is the only accurate way of Previewing in Fusion anyway). I always preview this way, rather than using the preview button but that's up to you.

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