Saw a double echo from the past, thought it interesting.

Perhaps a Champagne Supernova is coming ...

Dateline planet Earth:

Koken is for sale!
09 Jul 2015

"Just half an hour ago this reached my eyes:
Koken is for sale and looking for a new home"

Word spreads ...

Want to Own a Photo Software Business? Koken is For Sale
JUL 17, 2015
From article ... "The Koken Store launched in 2014 after four years of intense development and improvements. After 80,000 total installations since the first beta was launched in 2011, with half coming in just the past year, Koken is now earning $12,000 in gross revenue per month (on average). Monthly expenses stand at $200."
( is registered as a Toronto, Canada based company, so dollar values may be either CDN or US. At the time of this post, 1 Canuck dollar is worth .80cents US)

A response ...

September 15, 2015
"NetObjects agrees to acquire Koken"

UPDATE (September 15, 2015): We’re thrilled to report that Koken has agreed to be acquired by NetObjects, ...
Stats and sales
Koken is bootstrapped, privately owned and profitable.

~80,000 total Koken installations since our first beta in 2011.
Of that total, ~40,000 Koken installations since the Koken Store launched in April, 2014 (which means nearly half of all installations were last year).
~100 new installations created daily.
$12,000 in gross revenue per month, on average.
~$200 in fixed monthly costs to operate (AWS, Desk, site hosting).
~65% of new installs visit the Koken Store and install at least one additional theme/plugin. Of those, ~10% purchase a premium item.
~25k subscribers to the Koken email newsletter list.
~8 responsive themes, 3 of which are premium at $60 each.
~15 plugins, 5 of which are premium at $20-$35 each.

So round off previous gross rev to 10,000/month that makes about $270,000 to date from acquisition. A bit under the cost of a reasonably quick and functional coder?

For old NOFers, you will see in most of those articles familiar lines of conversation in the bottom page responses. Keep on keepin on you guys