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Thread: fav icon -- how in NOF

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    Default fav icon -- how in NOF

    I know how to code/add this line in by hand

    <link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="favicon.ico" sizes="32x32" />
    the ico and png are in my root

    but where do I put it in NOF?


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    You can place that code using the masterborder insert option

    From the gotfusion tutorial base

    * * * * * *
    A favicon.ico file is a small graphic file (16 pixels by 16 pixels and usually under 1k) that you place on the root directory of your web site. When a visitor bookmarks your site in their favorites list their browser looks for a favicon.ico file on the web site's root directory. If the visitors browser finds an icon file it will load it and use the icon graphic at the beginning of the that web site's URL in the browsers address bar and in the list of favorites instead of the browser default icon.

    You cannot just take a gif or jpeg image and make it 16 x 16 pixels and save it with the *.ico extension. You need to create it in a graphic editor that is set up to save files in the icon format or use a program like IrfanView to convert your gif or jpg to the ICO format.
    When you bookmark this site you will see the favicon that was made for the GotFusion site.

    I will not go into the exact details of how to make a favicon.ico icon image but list several sites where you can find icon editors and information about icons, why they are not permanent, which browsers they work with, and how browsers deal with them, etc.

    you can use the file asset option to have Fusion place the graphic in your root folder for you if you do not know how to do this using a 3rd party FTP software
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    Try this favicon generator:

    It's easy, generates what you need and where to put things. Also generates for all platforms.

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