Can anybody help me with this problem? I have a website with a large number of pages. See this example:
Yesterday I uploaded a new page :
The page I uploaded yesterday has shifted the text and pictures to the right so they overlap the edge of the white space. This seems to be because the turquoise coloured list in the l/h side of the masterborder has been widened (although the coloured one above it has not) and the border with it. In Edit view the page looks like all of the others. In Preview it looks like all the others. I didn't do anything to induce this change and I can't see any way of correcting it. When I updated another page it seems to have inherited the problem so I'm guessing something has been changed somewhere - but I can't see where. I don't mess with CSS (wouldn't know how) or with Masterborders because I don't understand them.
Can anybody suggest what's happened here and how I correct it please?