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Thread: Text from new tab showing up at the bottom of home page

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    Default Text from new tab showing up at the bottom of home page

    I can't figure something out that hopefully is an easy fix. I added a new page and when I add text right below "layout" on the new page, it also shows up on what looks like a second page (in design view) on my home page. If I delete it from the home page, it deletes from the new page. When I publish the page, the new text shows up on both pages (home and new), which is not what I want. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

    Edit: I figured it out. I had the text in the space below the "Layout" section. False alarm.
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    You had the text in the bottom master border.

    Anything placed in any of the master border areas that surround the Layout appears on every page that shares that master border.
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