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Thread: changing computers and upgrading to NO15

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    Default changing computers and upgrading to NO15

    Believe it or not Iím still working on NO12 with windows XP. I want to buy a new computer with windows 10 and upgrade to NO15. I donít need to upgrade to my old computer but Iíve got to migrate my five sites to the new NO15. What is the best procedure.

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    You don't need a new computer to run 2015. In face, Win 10 seems to cause all sorts of problems for some people. I still run Win 7 on my one windows machine, and both win 7 and XP in virtual machines on my mac. Just make sure when you move your site to export it as a template, then create a new site in 2015 from that template. DON'T just open the old nod file in 2015.

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