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    Afternoon folks,

    I'm just wondering if anyone may be able to point me in the right direction as regards the best way to go about setting up an ecommerce section on a NOF website - resource site or maybe some videos on how to do it (if possible) with 2015?

    Let me first clarify what I want to do, as I may not be using the right terminology:

    I'd like to be able to display products for sale on my site. Ideally the section would be searchable by visitors and there would be roughly 10 sections, each with a different genre of products, then each of those sections would have a sub-section with variations of those products. For instance, a section might be for cookers, then a set of sub-sections would be held under the main one, showing 10 different options (size, power output etc)

    I want my clients to come to me to actually buy stuff, so I don't need encrypted credit card payments etc.

    I guess what I'd ideally like to know is, is the above fairly simple to do with NOF's built-in ecommerce feature, or should I really be looking to get someone in to set up something bespoke for me?

    As ever, any help, advice or links would really be appreciated.

    Cheers for now,


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    Really don't think NOF is the right tool for e-commerce. Yes it can integrate with Mals Cart
    /Romancart and a few others but in all honesty they are pretty basic compared to what your competition would be using.
    I've always used NOF for my static websites and Zencart for e-commerce (although that can get quite technical).
    These days there are many 'easier' options out there.

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