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    Default Blog?

    Is it possible that I am missing a key Website capability, that of a blog. I was sure It had it but searches using the word BLOG turn up nothing.

    As a rule blogs have downward loading capability, in other words your blog is date listed at the top with the ability to search older blogs below.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I just can't find it.



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    Are you saying you thought Net Objects could generate Blogging software???? Blogs are not websites. Blogs are web applications usually making dynamic pages using Asp(net) or PhP programming post processors. I suspect if someone wants to use Net Objects to make a site that looks something like a blog, they could. But it won't function like Blogs do.

    If you want an easy Blogging site that does not require a database connection, check out Dasblog. It is an application that saves all blog posts as XML files in a folder. It is very stable and works great. And it works like a traditional blog without a lot of frills but it works. It's also free. The only down side is that you need to put it on a Microsoft IIS server that supports the version required. does not run on Linux Apache or Nginx.
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