I am new here and would like to work with Netobjects Fusion. My computers are HP desktop and HP Omen laptop, both Windows 10 1703 and 1709. As a test program, I've downloaded netobjects fusion essentials. I have received a serial number by email. This number was rejected as wrong. Also 3 more numbers, which I've also received from netobjects. A test from another city has the same result, also Windows 10. Serial number unknown.
So I bought Fusion 13 for testing. By Google Chrome, I have received during installation no serial number. with Mozilla Firefox there was a serial number. When entering it was then called: serial number unknown.
I do not have the courage to buy Fusion 15 until one of the two mentioned programs is running.
I did not receive any reply to several emails to Netobjects. Can someone help me here ????