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Thread: Javascript issues

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    Hi Adrian - like Franko never noticed nor had anyone complain. Will bookmark this.

    One thought. If a change is made to the site and uploaded, do you also have to re- upload the amended script.js each time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by richs View Post
    The problems you are having result from the way NOF tries to make software (NOF) into a web application software which it really isn't. All the radio button, check boxes, text boxes are all web applications that require a scripting language on a server like ASP,, Java, PHP, etc. NOF tries to generate scripts that app generators produce but it doesn't do it very well. So relying on Javascript to mimic a web app isn't reliable at all. I doubt NOF was ever tested for Mac computer compatibility in any way. HTML is a standard and it should work on any platform. But with scripting, stuff is not uniform especially when you get off server scripting support to browser scripting support which is OS dependent how it is implemented. Always keep in mind that NOF was made to be used on Windows not Mac parallels or Wine on Linux. Running scripts on a Mac is probably never going to be reliable when they were designed to be run on Windows.

    Java was a very good programming language but Oracle has not paid a lot of attention to it since they got it from Sun. Most programmers now consider Java to be a security risk making it difficult to even run Java sometimes. If you want to write web applications, you should get real web app programming software. NOF is not it. Nof is good at making static web sites.
    Totally agree. Since a while though, it's the new "trending" topic (I used new intentionally); guess people love to complain and the interwebs make it easier.

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    It's worth noting that I don't use Java and don't require it to be installed. Java was already deactivated by Apple several years ago. What I'm referring about is browser-based Javascript. "script type='text/javascript'>" etc., e.g. Jquery. These days, you can find them on practically any website you want to look at! And it appears to have recently become much more standardised, which could explain why earlier 'browser specific' tweaks no longer work.
    Also, "Always bear in mind that NOF was made to be used on Windows, not Mac parallels or Wine on Linux," as you mentioned. Isn't that completely irrelevant in this case? I'm referring to the website it creates, not the application that creates it, and the website should be visible on any platform.

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