Hi. I am a long time user of NOF but cannot find anyone to answer some simple questions?? And I do mean simple !!
Way back when, in 2008 to 2010, I used NOF to create a number of websites.
my NOF 11 no longer works, but I do have all the NOD files etc.

firstly does anyone still have emails from 2008 ?? I know I don't, I only keep the last 2 years so 2011 is also out of the question. So why do I see so many posts saying "get your serial number from your email", and it seems no alternative is on offer. truly remarkable !!

secondly, I thought it was the responsibility of the product developer to keep track of who has bought their software, so they can track you for upgrades etc. !! so why would we even need a email from the last decade??

I guess my last question is also simple. Why is there no mention on the website of the difference between the two packages on offer ? I may not need other than the free version for all I know ?? Does it use nod files from way back then ???

I hope someone can give some simple answers please, as trolling through so many posts here is NOT Support.

Thank you and I hope my frustration has not made me seem less than amicable.