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Thread: Netobjects Fusion 2015 togglepane

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    Default Netobjects Fusion 2015 togglepane

    Is there a way to control both the height of the expanded pane individually and to separate panes from each other with white space.

    An example of what I am trying to do: marked FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


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    Why don't you just draw a rectangle or box, add color inside the box, put text inside the box, done. If all the boxes are the same just copy the first one over and over again and put different text in each one. The boxes can be positioned anywhere inside the work area.

    Another way is to use a graphics app and make the box into a graphic. You can then add text. Doing it this way you have more freedom with what you want to put into the box.

    If you want the drop down behavior I don't think Net Objects can do that.
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