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Thread: Netobjects any good at this point.

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    Default Netobjects any good at this point.

    User says in private mail:

    Havent used the product in many years. Just came back to website to have a look.
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    I also do not like all these 'lookalike' websites that scroll down the pages. There are also many limitations in these that are not present in NOF - where you can easily change / add html and CSS - not always the case with others. Mobirise is steaming ahead (and I have used it) but even with it's $69 code editor it loses some of it's 'automation'.
    Also with most of these tools (not all) you cannot just change the mobile site, and once a 'block' is unlocked it's a manual thing with html.

    Having said that, most clients don't care - they just want a website that looks care if it's lookalike.....

    Old or not, NOF is very flexible.As has been said in other posts, depends how the site will operate. If not many changes can create a bespoke mobile version with NOF quite easily.
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    I use two products mainly. 1. Coffee Cup Foundation Framer and CSS Grid Builder (much the same product, same interface, etc but the latter is the only app I've found that builds on the new CSS Grid protocols) and 2. Joomla with Gantry5 extension for sites that require a CMS. Pretty much only have my own web site on Netobjects now and that's been unchanged for more than ten years. Must get around to re-doing it some time.

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    The Best 2015

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    There is no longer any official support for NOF other than this Forum and no new updates to keep abreast of the changes in technology. Yes NOF was a good product and can still create websites, but why invest in a product that is no longer supported and wont be updated o handle the latest trends. I like many used NOF for several years and loved it, but you have to move with the times!

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