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Thread: NOF Forms and PHP

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    Default NOF Forms and PHP

    For benefit of others....I have a form built with NOF.

    Discovered this morning that it did not work and returned a message:
    "This page isn't working"
    "<domain name> is currently unable to handle this request"

    Anyway, recently the PHP version on my hosting server was upgraded from v5 to v7 solely in order for me to use a website traffic stats program(which would not work with v5).

    Rolled the version back to v5 and the form now works as it should. So...seems the forms PHP does not work with PHPv7

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    Not just an NOF problem - as you know many of my sites are Wordpress, and I upgraded all to V7 a while ago. Contact forms using one particular plugin stopped working, and I had to find another compatible one. Worst of all, a major photo gallery plugin wasn't compatible, and a couple of sites using that had to be reverted to 5.6 until a (much later) update fixed it.
    FWIW, PHP 7 offers a decent performance boost to sites using php routines, but I don't think it will have any noticeable effect on static html sites? Someone wiser may have other ideas :-)

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    The issue with PHP 7 is the method used to connect to databases. Fusion and other applications use a method that was deprecated, but available in PHP up to PHP 5.x.

    It's no longer supported in PHP 7.

    When I get time, I'm going to update the code to make it PHP 7 compatible and make it available on BeyondFusion as a drop in replacement for the PHP scripts Fusion uses now. Should work ok.
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