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Thread: This app cannot run on your PC

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    Exclamation This app cannot run on your PC

    Very recently the Spring update installed on my PC - Windows 10 Build 1803. A few days later the 8 May regular Windows update found a "cumulative" update which when installed trashed my PC so it would not start. Finally decided to use the "3 times switch off at start" to reinstall windows. This meant reinstalling most programs, but as I only used licensed programs with copies of the installation filesthis should present no problems. Unfortunately the only program for which this did not work was NOF 15. NOF 15 installed but on trying to run I get the message "This app can't run on your PC To find a version for your PC check with the software publisher".
    This only happens with NOF 15. Other programs are OK. Have tried compatability mode for NOF 15. Hope this has not happened to anyone else. Suggestions would be very welcome, especially anyone using Win10 Pro build 1803

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    That's one of the reasons I will not use Windows 10 in any shape or form!! You generally have no option but to allow it to install upgrades - which as you have discovered can cause all sorts of problems. It's been well stated in the past on here that NOF15 was not designed for WIN10 - but having said that it happily runs for most people....latest update to Win10 notwithstanding....

    Anyway, I came across a couple of articles which may help:

    There are many other similar 'solutions'.

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