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    I currently use NOF 12 and my published site uses HTTP transport as default. Google is pushing all sites to support HTTPS protocol to be indexed and ranked successfully. Two questions:
    1) Is there a way to publish my NOF 12 site as HTTPS? If so, how?
    2) Same question for NOF 15 since I plan to upgrade.

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    My understanding is that this is only a google requirment IF there is data gathering, ie login information, uploading of personal details etc. It does not penalise your ranking if these are not input on the website.

    However, if you DO wish to publish to HTTPS it is your SERVER that needs to have this requirement, not NOF.
    You have to obtain a SSL certificate from your hosting provider (around £60/year per domain). Then YOUR WEBSITE on the server will show as https://

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    Have a look at this thread:

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