I have used NOF since v 3. In one of the versions I started using PayPal.

It stopped working in this v XII a year ago. I didn't need it until now as I moved a lot to my blog.
I have added the e-commerce cart as both a new profile and as the original profile with the same results.
I add some items to the catalog editor. Press done. It closes and only shows a green frame for a box that looks empty.
Double-click it and it reopens the catalog editor
I publish complete and changed assets only and the website shows this:
On the e-commerce page there is a big blank nothing.
If I go to the PayPal page (which usually isn't navigable) and it shows the 3 arrows: left, right and up.
Left and right do nothing. Up arrow goes to the page with the non-existent cart.

In looking for solutions, I found nothing in the help or anywhere except a few problems in this forum. One suggested to local publish then FTP it to the site.
I did a local publish of the page and it is the same results.
I did a full local publish and get the error in the attached jpb. This stops the publishing.
Click image for larger version. 

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The error is trying to create an invalid directory if you look at the string.
So confused...

Any help would be appreciated.