This is a long standing problem which has kept me running NOF12 instead of switching everything to NOF15.

Even building new test sites - and trying HTML5 ... dynamic ... HTML4 with tables etc etc ..... NOF 15 constantly fails to apply validation rules to combo boxes in forms.

Combo box (Drop down Menu) includes a preselected "Please Select" which contains no value and selectable options.

The only available validation test seems to be "Required".

There are slight variations depending on browser - explorer seems to just ignore the validation condition and submit whereas FFox, Opera and Chrome won't submit but will not flag the warning message.

The same structure and set up works perfectly in NOF12 - but as soon as I do the same in 15 I get validation problems ....... am I alone ????

Has anyone had this working with NOF 15 and If so with what site generation options ?

I should add that scripting is PHP.