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Thread: Force secure connection to jQuery script?

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    Default Force secure connection to jQuery script?

    In light of the new Chrome flagging of any site that does not default to an https connection, we are trying to redirect all of our sites to load with https. I have no problems with the server side of this (.htaccess file, etc.), but several of my NOF15 sites have a link to jquery that is generated through the NOF15 program when the site is published, and that link is not secure. When I try to access those pages with https, that jquery link prevents the page from loading correctly, and generates a warning on Chrome. I can't find any settings in NOF15 to force that link to generate with a secure protocol. If I change the source code to link securely to jquery after it is generated then the page loads fine with no warnings, but of course that source will get overwritten the next time I publish the page. Any suggestions? Is there a way to keep NOF15 from publishing that link, and then just add the secure link myself? Thanks.

    Update: It seems this issue was a carryover from previous scripting. I found the offending links in the Head code that I could edit, and, once I removed those, the program generated relative links to jquery which worked just fine.
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