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    I have a website here:

    For my store listings, I create pages like this:
    I use a text block below each item, with the basic info the customer needs to see.

    I've tried using Text areas...but I don't like the format or the way the text changes and moves around depending on the layout.

    I latched onto the idea (years ago) of using rectangle boxes and then enabling text within the rectangle.
    I can create the correct size box area, and apply colour and outline as I like.
    Applying text is easier and easier to format, and stays within the box.
    You just resize the text to fit, or resize the box to fit the text.

    I create and edit the text on Notepad...and then copy and paste it into the text editor for the rectangle.
    It sounds more complicated than it is.
    The formatting of the text (size, font, colour, etc) is also a lot easier, I find.

    Anyway, I like how it works...except...

    whenever I upload a page, or upload fixes or changes to a page, some of the text boxes do weird things.
    The text rectangles will swap and appear on a different page, in place of another text rectangle.
    Or the wrong text will appear...or the text will be distorted, really big.

    If I reupload the page, it might repair the glitches, but it may cause new rectangle glitches in other spots.
    Or sometimes, clearing cache will make glitches fix themselves.
    And glitches that I see, aren't what others see.

    And others do see the text glitches ...I just got an email outlining a few that I had't seen.
    They even sent me screengrabs to prove it.

    Does it have something to do with copying and pasting these rectangle boxes?
    When making a page of many store items, I will create a rectangle with text for the first item,
    then copy and paste the rectangle onto the next store item and just edit the text to suit.
    I'll do the whole page this way.
    So all the rectangles are duplicates with different file names (ie rectangle_251, rectangle_252, etc)
    And these rectangles are not stored in the Assets folder...they are in Autogen folder.

    Any ideas why the glitches?
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