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Thread: Rollover button help

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    Smile Rollover button help

    It has been sometime since i have created a website using NOF15.
    my problem is that my hard disk failed at some point and i lost my original NOF files

    i still have the website live but am unable to do the most basic things since i have lost my original files.

    for example, the website i am trying to modify is what you will notice is the incorrect spelling of Availability on the Nav bar/ rollover buttons etc.
    i modified the rollover graphic png files to show the correct spelling (using photoshop) but when uploading to the the site i still see the old ones even though they are the same size etc.

    so i have two questions

    1. is it possible to somehow re-import the live site back into NOF15
    2. if point 1 is not possible, how can i change the spelling of the Availability link?

    many thanks in advance

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    You can't edit website files that were published from NOF. NOF only works with it's internal files like the NOD file. In order to change a website file you can use a HTML editor and modify the code in the file page. If you are looking for a specific word, it's pretty easy to find and change it. I don't really use any HTML editors so I can't recommend one. I am assuming this is one page of the site. If it's a repeating master boarder, then you will have to do every page. I am not sure that's a good idea. Maybe a new site is called for.

    Just for kicks, you can try to import the file into MS Office, Word and see if you can change and re-save. Word has a limited capability to work with site files and can convert them between .doc files and HTML. Word also has a reputation for changing the formatting of files when you didn't want it to do it.

    There are still a lot of NOF users still using Essentials and old versions of NOF. I don't know if they are procrastinators or people who will only buy if they abosolutly need it. But I think NOF 2015 is not long for this world. It has been around for an unheard of 20 years. It may be here for another 2 weeks or may be 2 years or longer, but the end is near. Only one person knows for sure and he ain't talking. For the price it's selling for, it's a steal.
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    Further to what Rick said. For an editor I use Atom (google it) which is a programmers editor. Powerful and extensible, but also simple to make small changes. If it's just what you stated above, Notepad works just fine. When I used windoze (long ago) I used TextPad which is a great and inexpensive text editor with lots of clip libraries with html tags, snippets, etc.

    A couple of thoughts: Did you flush your browser cache after uploading the corrected file(s)? Are you sure you uploaded to the correct destination on your server and named the file correctly. Auto-generated files have unusual names, and can be in different locations depending on your NoF site structure.
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    Thanks for your reply's guys but I still don't get it?

    I use Notepad++ normally to make simple adjustments

    The spelling mistake is a rollover button that is a graphic.
    I have modified the graphic, and saved it with the same name to the same location on the server.
    is there something else I am missing?

    Also, rick6811 mentioned NOF2015 is not long for this world? I thought this was the latest version? are you saying 2015 will be the last version ever?


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