This is my website that needs some sort of Checkout (and Payment system).

I don't sell enough to justify the cost of one of those online stores that are everywhere.
And their basic free stores only allow a few items...I've got about 300-400 hundred items.

I have been using NoF10 for years...
I'm lazy to learn a new program, cheap, and not very good with anything other than WYSIWYG building.

Forget telling me how to deal with code or HTML.
I get lost real easy.
I don't even use the NoF website templates, I find them too confusing.
I just build everything from scratch and use a lot of placed objects and images.

Anyway...what do I do?
Is there a simple solution for adding a checkout to this store (the way it is now)?
or other recommendation?

Should I upgrade to a newer version of NoF and why? (ie because a newer version comes with a simple to use checkout!?)
being honest... I am so reluctant to learn another new software.