Franko helped me, in another thread...thanks! place some "Add to Cart" buttons to my store.

He told me how to create small text boxes, and then insert the Button html code into them.
I lock the height of the box as he instructed (although I still don't understand what that does).
The Add to Cart buttons appear on the Page Preview (Publish) view and all is good!

I was also told to size the box to the button size (120x33)...which is difficult but I have them close.
(I have since tried making them smaller, I guess they resize themselves, but the buttons are still visible and correct.)

My problem is...
wherever the text field/button is placed, it will shift everything after it (on the page) down a bit.
Not a lot, but enough to be obvious and it stretches out the page with every button placement.

I also have to be careful about where a text field is placed, because if the next page item is on the same level (horizontally)
it will be shift to the right, or way down the page!

I have attached images of the page to illustrate the spacing issue.
Click image for larger version. 

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My page is set up "Dynamic page Layout - all browsers".
It is the best of all options, where the other settings give wild page changes. (Regular Tables or Fixed Page Layout).
I have tried these other settings, and looked for other ways to eliminate this problem.

How do I stop things from shifting like this?