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Thread: Text Fields causing Page layout changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by airdave View Post
    Good point...I hadn't actually tried that.

    Unfortunately, its the same effect...same problem.
    Added spacing after each Button.
    I was also told to size the box to the button size (120x33)...which is difficult b snaptube word to pdf vidmate ut I have them close.

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    Is there actually a way to "size" the text boxes?
    Text boxes are created by drawing a box/rectangle on to the page.
    You can then stretch and resize the rectangle to suit visually, but not by actual dimensions (ie entering a pixel dimension somewhere).

    Maybe this option exists and I just don't know how...

    but, I have tried drawing boxes of various rectangle shape and size.
    In fact, I have drawn the smallest possible box I can (smaller than the dimensions needed), then entered the html code for the button and published.
    It still looks and works fine, but the weird page spacing thing always happens.
    NoF v10...Windows 7...and a stiff drink...I'm good to go.

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    Man, I had the exact same problem! I always have some problems with text redactors, when I am writing different kind of essays. That's why I am using dissertation writer. This resource has some amazing editors, who can do everything for me, so i dont have any more problems with formating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bondjunior View Post
    Man, I had the exact same problem!
    and did you come up with a solution?
    NoF v10...Windows 7...and a stiff drink...I'm good to go.

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