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Thread: Move netobjects to new computer

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    Default Move netobjects to new computer

    How can I move the NetObjects2015 from old computer to new computer?

    I have the EXE install file.

    How do I get the old KEY?

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    Open Fusion 2015 on the old computer and go to Help > About...

    Your serial number will be displayed there.
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    And remember to export all your sites as templates and copy them all to removable media. Then on your new computer, open each site by File->New Site From Template and choose the location for your sites. I have always used an directory that's external to NoF, in my case, NoF Sites; I also export templates after any major work and store them in a directory called NoF Templates. Both are backed up to external media. That way, I never lose anything no matter what happens. I have all my NoF sites since 1996 backed up.

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