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Thread: NOF 12 will not load project - Please help

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    Default NOF 12 will not load project - Please help

    I re-installed NOF 12 on my Windows 10 system and no previous projects load. It says that they were created in a later version of NOF 12 and cannot be opened. I am using the original installer that I downloaded and I have updated it with Update 4 on the website. The version of NOF 12 being reported is 12.00.0000.5220 Standard Version.

    What is going on? How can I get these .nod files, which were created with NOF 12 to open?

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    Did you export a template for each of the sites, and then open them by New Site from Template which is the only correct way to transfer a site? If not, and you have installed the latest available update, you may have to spring for NoF 2013 or 2015. That should work but there are no guarantees as none of the Fusion versions were designed to work with windows 10. I maintain a windows 7 machine just for working with Fusion and a few other older programs I can't do without.

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