With recent changes requiring to show a secure site with https in the URL bar (so certain browsers don't show the site as not safe), my site became pretty non-functional. I had a family member fix this on the home page by editing the html code, so it is (partly) functioning right now, but other pages and links are not. And when I need to update the home page and other pages, NOF would simple replace the edited code with its own code. Basically, the hosting site wants all links to point to https, but NOF 15 does not do this, at least not at this time (e.g., in my menu and in file links). Is there a way to re-work all html links and file links to point to a secure location without having to re-edit every single one of them?
My site is solutionresources.net. You will find the home page links working now, but links on other pages are not functioning correctly. And the main article on the home page is not displaying (which is why I have to re-upload the page)