I know this has nothing to do with NetObjects, but I also know that the
people who frequent these groups are a mine of information.

Over the years, I've built up a large repository of backup folders. (I
backup all my NOF work/data/images folders etc monthly, so I have folders
Aug2002 - Jan2007 plus some others) All are on a second hard drive installed
in my pc, plus mirrored onto a USB hard drive. This is in addition to daily
incremental backups using Acronis, which I've used for the last year.

By the very nature of the folders being backed up, a lot of files are
duplicated, sometimes over several months.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a software utility (cheap or preferably
free!) that is capable of identifying duplicate files reliably? If I was
sure of being able to clear only duplicates - not just the oldest version of
e.g a .nod file, then I could consolidate a lot of the spurious stuff.
I realise there's a lot of stuff listed on Google, but would rather have an
opinion from someone who's actually used a particular utility.