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Thread: Are they still selling the full version of NOF 2015?

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    Default Are they still selling the full version of NOF 2015?

    I have been using NOF 2013 and it's been working fine all this time. Since it seems that NOF is no longer supporting nor updating their software, I thought it might be wise to purchase the old but at least very latest version of 2015. I have been using NOF since 2000.

    Since I "upgraded" to NOF 2013 (back in 2014), and no longer have the very old previous full version of NOF (can't be installed on Windows 10 anyway) I thought it would help if I were to purchase the full version of NOF 2015 at this point to stay somewhat ahead of the curve. If something happens to my system I can't install the 2013 upgrade without the full version, so I will be screwed.

    I still Need to use NOF for one of my clients for their LARGE "internal" Intranet site which does not require a responsive design. However I have 19 other clients that WILL need a responsive design site and I'm considering WordPress for them since my host provides and supports WordPress for free.

    I received and email from Website Pros last month (Sept 2018) advertising the NOF 2015 Upgrade for just $30. When I clicked the ink in the email, the link was invalid and pointed to So I went to their website (still active) and see that NOF 2015 IS available … or is it? It looks like they are no longer in business, but still selling off the software? The full version is being sold for $129.95 .. with no discount?? And it shows the upgrade version for $49 .. even though the email advertised it at $30?.

    Their address at the bottom of their website is: 73 Old Dublin Pike, Suite 10-304, Doylestown, PA 18901. If you plug in that address on Google maps, it's a small local shopping center and Website Pros is no where to be found.

    Anyone's thoughts/advise? Thank you!

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    NetObjects Fusion is now defunct. Even if someone floated you a copy, you're on your own if you have any further troubles. Your last refuge for support looks to be going the same way.

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