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Thread: fonts in NOF 15

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    Default fonts in NOF 15

    I just upgraded to NOF15 and am having problems with fonts. The cursor is off two digits and it makes it very hard to correct data. Also I lost a lot of my fonts when I upgraded from NOF 12 to 15. Any suggestions. Thanks

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    Fonts - it's best to stick to the web safe fonts so they will appear 'asis' to viewers on other devices. If you add non standard fonts they will default to whatever (as NOF does not imbed the fonts). Having said that, in the back of my mind I seem to think that if you put a non standard font in a rectangle, then it does embed it - may be wrong but it's in my mind....

    Cursor - I've heard of the cursor 'jumping' but not constantly off by two that every time? Cursor jumping/overwriting can be checked

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