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Thread: Netobjects 2019 call

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    Lightbulb Netobjects 2019 call

    Please will all Netobjects users post agreement here that it is time for an update or new version/release to Netobjects 2015. There is surely progress on decent updates? Most serious users will be willing to pay for a real update. Lets us see how many positive responses we can get.

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    I agree - it must be time for an upgraded version given all the developments in computer software and hardware in the last 4 years.

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    Netobjects is over, finished, kaput. Steve Rubenstien has vanished, and with him any chance of upgrades. NOF is now ancient technology. Move on. Koken became Steve's focus, but even that has halted - the last blog post on the Koken site was 2 years ago.

    Asking for an update to NOF is like asking for an update to MS DOS 3.1 or Visicalc.

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    As of Dec 28, 2018, there is a "Team Net Objects" answering questions on Koken. However, if I was using Koken now, I would be looking for a new photography site. I found it very unusual that Net Objects has said absolutely nothing about the status of Fusion 2015 and plans for an update. Companies that stop production of software will at some point tell their user base what's happening. Apparently, NOF management cares so little for their customer base that they can't even make an announcement they quit NOF. How much time would that consume? 5 minutes?

    But I think NOF is still very useful software to have around. I use 3 different packages to make all the different types of sites I make for my own business. I have 3 other packages that I quit using for various reasons. I can't really see how having only one package will do everything. NOF is so inexpensive and so are other packages that buying a few different ones is not a problem. I spend more on coffee in a month than what my website software costs. The more the merrier. If I didn't like playing with all the software I have I would be doing something else and spending money on it.

    If anybody thinks $25 to $50 is too much for website software, maybe they should find something else to do. Every package I have bought over the last few years including the stuff I don't use, cost less than or equal to $50 including NOF 2015.

    One thing I never do if I can at all help it is to buy into subscriptions. I think they are TRAPS that keep you tied to a product with varying levels of difficulty to go to something else. At first they seem inexpensive but over time they become much more pricey.
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