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Thread: Banned????

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    Default Banned????

    Tried to log on last week but got a message saying I was BANNED, NO REASON GIVEN, NEVER LIFTED.

    huh???? what is all that about given all the spam posts on here recently? Sent two emails to the Contact us but no reply received.....SOMEONE must be moderating this forum for me to have been banned....shame no reply to a genuine contributor. Appreciate the forum is dying on it's feet but some people still need help and I am happy (like others) to spend some time trying to do this.

    Have had to re-register under the alias Richart.Hart (was gprit).

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    I'd say it was probably a technical glitch that wasn't corrected as there is, for all intents and purposes, no moderation. I think one of the long-termers (Mike?) is a moderator but he also seems to be visiting less and less frequently.

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