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Thread: software problem - need a copy

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    Default software problem - need a copy

    Hi all. I need to get an upgrade copy of fusion 15. I purchased it when it came out and had a catastrophic failure on my machine. I have all my sites backed up, but the software itself isn't backed up. I have an order number and a receipt showing that I bought it, but the netobjects cart wont let me download it again, nor do they have a contact email on their site so I can get help. As I said, i'm not looking for a cracked version...I have my own serial number. I have a previous version of fusion so all I need is the upgrade download. Can anyone help?

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    I can provide the full version but I'm pretty sure that won't work with an upgrade serial number. If anyone still on the forum has an upgrade installer I know the OP and can vouch for them.

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    I believe they are one in the same and the only difference is the serial, I may be wrong on this though. Regardless, I purchased the upgrade and can pass along my installer (file version15.0.0.1050). PM me.

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