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Thread: NOF 12 crash when I will closed the file.

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    Default NOF 12 crash when I will closed the file.

    Sorry for my bad english, my language ist german.

    I have a big webside: This side I make with Windows XP, but now the PC is very old and slowly. It is possible to make a template from this side. That is ok.

    Now I have a other PC with Windows 7. I can open this side, I can work with this side. All is ok.
    But when I will closed the file, than I have this report:

    Translate with google:

    An unexpected error occurred while writing this file. NetObjects Fusion 12.0 now quits to preserve the intregrity of the file. Your file will be reset to the last saved version. The last changes will eventually be lost.

    I can´t make a new template with PC with Windows 7, I can´t save us.

    Can you help me.
    My site ist very old und big. The first Programm MMX, NOF Fussion, NOF 9 and now NOF 12. All updates worked.

    Thanks in advance

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    Thank you for your answer.
    1. I can work with NOF 12 on Windows 7, it is now ok.
    2. My Navigtion from the webside crash when I publish. The text from the Navigation is not in the color white. You can`t read this. I must publish with XP than ok.
    3. My PC XP have a big Problem with the random Memory. I must wait for open from one side - 5 minutes - I must wait for publish for one side - 15 minutes.
    4. My PC Windows 7 have IE 11 on Board.
    5. I install Java 8 on my board and test NOF 12 now.

    Best regards Carola

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Navigation-Win-7.jpg 
Views:	230 
Size:	52.6 KB 
ID:	2818Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Navigation-Win-XP.jpg 
Views:	223 
Size:	65.2 KB 
ID:	2819

    I have make two hardcopys for my Homepage.

    With NOF 12 and Win XP I can see the Navigation and with NOF 12 and Win 7 I can`t see the Navigation.
    I have install Java 8 and I the Problem is the self.

    I can word with NOF 12 and I can save now, is not a Problem.
    But the Navigation is not visible. I work in the beginning for the sides and the Navigation ok, but in the last time no more.
    I don`t found the error.

    Many greetings

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    Hallo Carola,
    es ist keine Kritik, aber ich habe an einigen Stellen Probleme, dein Englisch zu verstehen.
    Es gibt auch ein ein deutschsprachiges Forum:
    Man wird dich allerdings dazu drängen, eine bestimmte andere Software zu benutzen. Wenn dir das nichts ausmacht, erhältst du trotzdem sehr kompetente Hilfe.
    Beste Grüße - auch an die Schnauzer

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