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Thread: Is php code from NOF 11 compatible with php 7+ ?

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    Question Is php code from NOF 11 compatible with php 7+ ?

    I have a website that was written using NOF 11 for Windows, but I need to update server version of php from 5.6 ideally to 7.2.

    Does anyone know whether this is possible or it will break it?

    I personally do not use NOF and find the code very unreadable and bloated with the table structure. A complete rewrite would be a pain in the neck and take a long time!

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    Fusion uses deprecated database connection scripts that are not supported in PHP 7.x. They work with any flavor of PHP 5.x.x.

    One of these days, I'm going to rewrite the Fusion scripts fir PHP 7 and post them on my website.
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