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Thread: Reinstalling NetObjects Fusion 2015

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    I am attempting to install a fresh upgrade version 15 on a new computer.
    I have my old version 15 serial but it is not being accepted in the "Previous Version Serial Number" challenge.
    I logged into NetObjects and checked my old purchases to verify that I am pasting in the correct old serial.

    Setup was unable to verify your serial number. Please try entering it again.
    If you are unable to enter your serial number successfully, please visit Technical Support at

    Please advise. Thanks.

    I figured out that the installer won't accept a previous update serial.
    It will only accept a previous full version serial.
    The prompt window REALLY NEEDS TO SAY THIS!!!

    Very Frustrating.

    Over and Out.
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    A bit further information about reinstalling which may help someone:

    There are 2 types of NoF files, Upgrades - which are full version files - and Updates - which are NOT full version files and can only be used to update an existing full version.

    If you have a scenario where you lose your current NoF installation because, for instance, the hard drive on which it & Windows are installed goes bang (hard drives are prone to do that), you can get up & running again by installing the latest full version (Upgrade) you have a copy of.
    If you have not kept a copy of your latest full version installation file, you will have to re-purchase it.

    As an example, I lost my hard drive & had to reinstall Windows. I decided to use an SSD (Samsung 860 EVO, 500GB) this time.
    Having reinstalled Windows & the various motherboard & system files I got to the point of reinstalling NoF.

    I had a copy of the NoF 2015 Upgrade installation file and I also had copies of the related licence number AND the licence number of my previous Upgrade - NoF 2013 Upgrade.

    I ran the NoF 2015 Upgrade installation file and provided the NoF 2015 Upgrade licence number when requested.
    I then provided the NoF 2013 Upgrade licence number when requested for the licence number of the previous installation.

    The installation completed successfully and I then ran the NoF 2015 update file.

    Hope that this is of help.

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    Just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Now, NOF 15 won't open usually and, if it does, does not function properly (single page may take 10 minutes to open). The computer professional who did the the Windows upgrade states that I should uninstall and then re-install NOF15. I have necessary documentation from original online installation. I do not want to pay for NOF 15 again. What do I do?

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    can you double check and make sure Java 32bit is installed, Nof needs it

    do you have the Nof15 serial, you need it when you reinstall it

    did you keep the installation file in a safe place (250MB full installer) if not, I can make it available if you PM me, but I can't give you a serial

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    try to completely uninstall the older version, and purchase a license copy to get rid of any further issues in future and again install fresh on your system. I am sure you won't face any issues then

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