I recently bought a new laptop to replace my 16-year old slow steam-powered XP machine. It is stupendously fast, but has one major disadvantage, which I never envisaged—it has Windows 10!
On checking with my friends, I can’t find anyone who actually likes this new version, with all it’s automated systems. For instance, I write a letter to someone and a pop-up suggests other people who might like to read it as well. I tell it to, “Mind your own bloody business mister. I’ll decide who gets my letters”. I don’t twitter, Facebook, tweet or Linktin, and I don’t want to talk to my computer thank you. Yet I am a social person—I write letters to people.
Another thing which annoyed me was some of the programmes I used all the time on XP could not be loaded into 10, even through the compatibility mode. These are principally Photoshop and Nikon Capture4, both of which I bought initially. To get Photoshop I now had to pay $20.00 a month, and Capture 4 is replaced by a new Nikon programme which no longer does what I need. And there are others I use to a lesser degree, which I have been forced to change my methods to use.
My whiz-kid grandson has installed XP on my new machine—all of it, including programmes, files, pictures, etc. The whole shebang!! It’s what is called a virtual Box and all I do is click on a link on my desktop, and up pops my old XP format, complete with everything I used to use.
I suggested he might do this for other people—for money, but he says he isn’t interested. So, anyone who might value this, better make it worthwhile. By the way, it can be done to any of Windows versions, not just XP.
I am now happy and it really feels good to beat the system.