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Thread: This site is declared......dead.

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    Default This site is declared......dead.

    There is so little traffic on this site that I suspect hardly any of the regulars check in much anymore. Net Objects 2015 has been around for 4 years and I think anybody who wants to use it knows how by now. There are a lot of new products out there to play with and have fun with but it's tough to come here and experience a depressing atmosphere. No, Net Objects is not dead yet and may not be for years to come. There just isn't much use for this site now. So everybody have fun and maybe come back here for a look once in a while.

    It also appears that Koken is dead. Not much has gone on there since the 1st week in Feb.. I also did some searches and it seems very possible that Steve, Adam, and the others of Net Objects fame have left everything to the original guy that invented Koken who sold it to Steve. I can't remember his name but he is a world traveler photographer. He seems to have it all now, NOF and Koken, and he is doing nothing with either.

    BTW: The spammers may have more use for this site than any one else.
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